4 Ways To Re-share Instagram Stories, Feed Posts, IGTV Videos, and Reels

Are you interested in reposting and resharing your Instagram content? Are you looking for a simple way to reshare Instagram posts without relying on third-party tools? You’ll learn about in-app tools that enable you to reshare Instagram posts, stories, IGTV, & reels in this article.

4 Ways to Re-share Your Instagram stories, Feeds, IGTV, and Reels

1. Reshare Instagram Feed Posts

It’s simple to share feeds and posts to the stories on Instagram. Tap on the feed post—yours or someone else’s—and select Add Post to The Story from the pop-up menu. While you share an Instagram post to the story, the initial post picture gets imported, and the picture becomes clickable, redirecting viewers to the original post. As with any narrative, you may use drawings, stickers, or words to bring attention to the postings and encourage readers to click.

Sharing feed posts to the story is an excellent method to draw attention to that content with the audience, especially if your stories have more views than your feed posts. Additionally, it is beneficial for resurfacing evergreen material for your audience.

The option to add posts from other accounts’ Instagram feeds to your story is ideal for collaboration, marketing collaborations, and sharing valuable ideas and information with your audience.

Along with sharing feed posts to the story, you may also send any feed post (along with any story or IGTV video) via a direct message chat. It might be an individual DM or a community DM in which you participate.

To send feed posts to a DM, click on the paper airplane symbol next to the post & select the person or group you want to send it to. It will take you directly to their direct message thread or create a new one. At this moment, you are free to modify your message or continue the conversation in any way you choose.

#2: Share Instagram Stories with others

You may only reshare another user’s story with Instagram stories if you got tagged in the original post. You’ll receive a notification in the direct messages whenever someone mentions you in their tale. You may share your tale from there—or directly from the narrative itself.

After selecting this option, the story post will show in your story builder, where you may pinch & zoom to resize or relocate it. Additionally, you may include stickers, drawings, and text just like you would with any other tale.

#3: Share an IGTV video

You may post IGTV videos to your story and feed on Instagram. When uploading an IGTV video, you may choose to provide a preview in the feed & stories. If you post a teaser to the feed, your profile & your followers’ feeds will display a 15-second sample of the IGTV video.

After the 15-second teaser, viewers get invited to see the remainder of the video on Instagram TV through a Keep Watching bar. Similarly, if you post an IGTV video clip to your story, a teaser of the video, as well as a link to the Instagram TV video, would show in your narrative, directing visitors to IGTV to see the entire video. Besides this, you can also buy IGTV likes for your videos to maximize the engagement level and build visibility to your videos.

#4: Re-share Instagram Reels

When it comes to sharing Instagram Reels, you may do so by viewing the full-view reel & pressing on the paper aircraft icon. You may post the reel to your feed or a DM using the pop-up option. Instagram reels are a perfect way to grab the audience, so do not hesitate to get Instagram reels likes for your reels to get instant engagement.


One of the features that users like the most on social networking platforms are the opportunity to share and repost other people’s material and postings, yet sharing and reposting has always been difficult on Instagram. To summarise, here are how you might share Instagram feed posts, stories, reels, & IGTV videos.

How To Use Instagram Filters To Create Attractive Posts

Do you want to learn how to access Instagram’s secret filters? Are you looking for a quick and convenient way to access your favorite filters?

You’ll learn how to apply Instagram filters to posts in your main feed.

While Instagram has greatly developed in recent years, filters remain a vital editing tool. The filters you employ may rapidly impart a distinct tone and style to your content and contribute to your brand’s visual cohesiveness.

The following are a few suggestions as to how to use Instagram filters in posts.

To begin, ensure that the filters you choose are consistent with the tone and style of your business. For instance, if you run a vintage furniture business, you might choose filters with a faint yellow tinge but a less saturated hue to give your content a more ancient appearance.

Alternatively, if your brand is ultra-modern, choose filters with a blue undertone and a high degree of brightness. Keep in mind that you need to choose Instagram filters that enhance your content. For example, if you’re posting food-related content, you’ll want to employ filters having high saturation levels and strong contrasts to make the food appear more delicious. 

Select up to three filters that are consistent with your brand’s look and use them exclusively. If you keep changing your Instagram filters, your post will appear fragmented. Instead of that, by applying a few related filters, you can make your content appear more coherent in the stream and may even foster subconscious brand affinity. Thus, when consumers see posts styled in such a manner, they will quickly associate them with your brand. 

Manage Instagram Feed Filters for Posts

Whether you’re posting a photo or a video to Instagram, the filter selections are the same. After selecting a picture or video to upload on the first editing page, swipe left upon the filter list to see all the available options.

You could indeed rearrange the order of these filters and discover other filters to use. You’ll see a Manage option when you scroll to the right of the filters list. When you tap that box, a list of all possible filters will show.

If you scroll down the page further, you’ll see that a lot of Instagram filters are unchecked. To choose one of these filters and add it to the existing filter selection screen, tap on it.

To better organize your filters, you may alter the order in which they show just on the selection screen. You can do this by touching on the two lines to the left side of the preview and then dragging the filter anywhere inside the list. Take note that only one filter may be moved at a time. While filters are one method to add more look to your Instagram posts to entice users, another simple method you could buy automatic real Instagram likes to garner more attention among enormous audiences. This will certainly boost engagement in all terms- shares, saves, and comments.

Enhance Instagram Carousel Posts with Filters

If you’re uploading a carousel on Instagram, you will see the filter screen after selecting the images or videos that you wish to apply filter. You’ll see that filter preview is a little fuzzy in this case, and this is the way Instagram indicates that you’re applying filters to all of your pictures and videos instead of just one. If you’d like to apply a filter to all the content in a set, simply touch on the filter, and that it will be set for everything.


If you’re sick of browsing through Instagram’s filter library in search of the one you like to use, consider these time-saving techniques for organizing the Instagram filters for your feed posts. Keep your Instagram post consistent and on-brand by using no more than two to three filters.

7 Secrets You Should Know To Become An Instagram Influencer

It’s safe to assume that around one-eighth of the world’s population is currently on Instagram. If you are an Instagram aficionado, you should be aware that you are now up with 100 million postings, 400 million stories, and an untold amount of IGTV videos. That is a significant amount of competition, even for the most prominent Instagram influencers. To keep your online presence profitable, you’ll need more than a regular infusion of new photographs and hashtags.

Who is in need of an increase in Instagram “likes”?

If you want to be a successful Instagram influencer or photo blogger, you need to look beyond 100 organic following and 50 organic likes on a daily basis! When selecting endorsers, large corporations consider not just the quality of photographs and tales, but also the interaction rates of individual users. Instagram monitors engagement numbers since they are the primary determinant of a user’s success and popularity on the platform. The engagement rates can be defined as the number of likes a user receives on a new story in contrast to the number of followers they have.

Many Instagrammers rely on third-party services to purchase followers. However, if most of their followers are bots, their photographs and stories will receive a fraction of the likes and comments they deserve from genuine followers. For instance, if you have 20K followers but only obtain 40 likes on your postings, authority and brand owners would raise red flags. The balance between interaction and fans is one of the key reasons social media gurus advocate for the organic growth of one’s following.

How to grow your Instagram following?

Developing a devoted following requires time, effort, and money. There have been no foolproof tricks that will instantly increase your follower count. Additionally, there is no assurance that you will attain the optimal balance of interaction and followers, even if you organically expand your follower base. As a consequence, buy automatic real Instagram likes to help raise your presence on social media and your prospects of becoming an influencer.

Multiple user accounts creation

Numerous firms enable individuals to generate automated Instagram likes. Not all of them, however, are equally trustworthy. Certain people frequently create multiple profiles in order to enhance engagement by “liking” their photos. This is a risky strategy, as all phony identities associated with the same person have the same Address or device identity. Additionally, counterfeit accounts are easy to recognize because they have little activity and almost no unique content. While it may save you some bucks, operating numerous Instagram accounts may result in the suspension or deletion of your primary account.

Embrace More Engagement

The other, a more intelligent technique to increase Instagram likes is to buy them from verified dealers. Numerous marketing organizations should buy automatic Instagram likes using bot services. Although some bot services give specific “Likes” for the buyer’s photographs, their activities can raise eyebrows on Instagram, as other users with radically different marketing ideals can use the same services. Suspicion can be aroused when the same profile “Likes” the actions of two wholly separate profiles with diametrically opposed ideals. You should look for customized engagement packages that include a selection of automated likes for each user in each specialty. Avoid generic, low-cost packages that offer each consumer identical followers/bots.

By way of reciprocal interaction

The most secure method is to select a service that includes an engagement exchange. The principle is straightforward – when you “like” someone’s Instagram post, then they will “like” yours in return. The reciprocity rule eliminates suspicion, as all of the profiles engaging in this action are legitimate Instagram users. The reciprocity principle is perhaps the most successful way for accumulating “Likes” from genuine users and instantly increasing a profile’s engagement metrics. Following the purchase of likes, you should begin focusing on the engagement rates. According to social media standards, as your following grows, your engagement with your fans should grow as well. The only approach to appear genuine about the sudden spike inactivity is to encourage engagement between your fans and your profile.

Always keep in mind that this growth should be permanent. It should gradually develop in size over time, but you should take this opportunity to advertise your profile to actual users as well. The only way to obtain rich brand partnerships is to build a natural fan base. That is the key of every influencer — they pay for engagement but also nurture genuine conversations with their genuine fans.

To enhance your Instagram interaction, you should do the following:

Conduct a re-evaluation of your hashtag strategies.

Hashtags have the power to create or kill an Instagram account. While there is security in numbers when hashtagging, you must choose the appropriate phrases and popular tags for the corresponding photographs.

Reread your photo captions.

Keep your descriptions succinct, succinct, and interesting. Incorporate a sense of humor and don’t forget to include genuine feelings in your wonderful photo descriptions.

Reconsider your photographic filters

According to research, certain filters elicit a more favorable response from people than others. Avoid problematic or less popular editing approaches. Utilize filters, themes, and add-ons that have previously worked for you. Bear in mind the type of content when selecting the filters.

Recycle well-known tags

What you mention will determine who sees and who misses your content. Remember to tag influential fans, fellow bloggers/users, and businesses. By using the appropriate tags at the appropriate time, you can quickly become noticeable.

Purchasing Instagram likes is indeed not unlawful. It’s a technique that would keep things easy for Instagram people to obtain attention. The key is to appear natural with the engagement stats. 

5 Secret Tips To Get More Instagram Story Views & Grow Your Followers

Instagram is a successful social media marketing platform worldwide with 1 billion monthly users and 500 million daily users. It is the second top trending platform behind Facebook and other social networks. Additionally, it has a higher engagement rate than Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin. 

Instagram stories are one of the valuable Instgarm features that allow you to post 15 second short photos and videos. Also, it lets users send a direct message to connect with their audience. If you are trying to get an Instant story view, you can buy story view for Instagram to boost your video views immediately. Or you can use the below tips to get more views for your account. 

#1. Use Stories To Tell Stories

Instagram stories are one of the great places to explore your brand reach and awareness. You can use stories to tell your brand story with your audience, and it makes them connect with you. Make informative content to explain the brand, and it helps you enhance your business on Instagram. Stories are an effective way to engage your followers for a long time. Create entertaining videos and boost your audience to watch your Instagram stories again and again. Alos stories are the perfect place to expand your brand and content to reach a wider audience. 

#2. Always Use Hashtag In Your Stories

Hashtags are one of the best ways to engage your audience and get more followers to your account. If you add related hashtags in your stories, it helps people who search for similar ones. Similarly, one person’s hashtag will not work for others, so try your own hashtag to see a great result. Also, if you don’t know how to find the best hashtag, use Instagram analytics, or many online hashtag tools are available. You can use that to see your hashtag performance. Use hashtag stickers in your stories or type hashtag within your stories. 

#3. Use Stories Stickers To Engage Your Audience

One of the easiest ways to engage your potential audience is by posting stickers in your stories. Use Q/A and quiz stickers to boost your followers to interact with your content. If they answer your question, you can reply to them by either sending a direct message or directly through your Instagram stories. Posting Q/A with your audience helps you to understand your followers and what they want to see. Using these types of stickers in your stories, you can easily drive engagement with your audience. Use creative stickers and encourage your audience to be involved in your stories. 

#4. Reply To Your Instagram Stories

If you want to engage your audience on Instagram, reply to them. You can send a direct message (DM) or directly respond to your post or stories. If you want to get more Instagram story views, you need to make your audience engage with you, and you engage back. Reply to all the comments and queries you receive if you don’t respond to the people that will not respond to your future Instagram stories. So to avoid these types of problems, always respond to the comments as soon as possible. 

#5. Post Stories At The Best Time

If you want to get instant Instagram story views, you need to post stories at the peak time when your audience is most active on Instagram. Make sure to check your Instagram analytic and watch which time your audience is most active. Post 3 to 5 times every week to make your audience always engage with your content. If you don’t know how to check the insights, go to your profile and click the insights option on the right-hand side. At this moment, you can easily track your metrics like Instagram engagement, followers’ active time, impression, and reach. To instantly boost your engagement rate buy impressions for Instagram to increase your content reach and grow your followers.