A Step-By-Step Guide To Hosting A Successful Instagram Contest

This is the hook of an Instagram contest, one of the best ways to rapidly boost interaction and build a following. There is no shortage of options for creating the ideal Instagram contest, from selfie challenges to fantastic prizes.

1. Design a sign-up procedure

Make it easy for your followers to participate in your Instagram contest by clarifying the rules and conditions in your post. Pick from a variety of contest formats and let your imagination run wild.

Competitions based on “likes,” “comments,” and “tags”

Only a few easy steps. You may incentivize your followers to get you new likes and followers by holding a “tag-to-win” contest, where they are rewarded for bringing you new likes and followers by tagging their friends in a photo you’ve posted to your page, or by commenting on that photo and responding to your post.

User-Generated Content (UGC) Picture Contests (UGC)

Fans participate in a photo challenge by posting an image to their own feed or Story that relates to a certain subject (and uses a designated hashtag, which we’ll assist you in selecting). To increase the activity of your Instagram followers and spread your brand’s identity, this is a great strategy.

2. Establish a resonant central idea.

If you’re in an imaginative mood and want to host an Instagram contest based on user-generated content, the moment to decide on a topic has come. You should pick something that fits with your target audience and specific interests, but don’t be afraid to capitalise on impending events, the current season, or any other trend that could be taking off.

It’s never a great idea to snap a picture.

Join the selfie revolution and ask your viewers to submit their best self-shots. A good buzz competition may be generated by asking participants to include your brand in their submissions or by simply striking a wacky stance in front of a mirror.

Showcase your wares

If you’re not like filthy mirrors and smushed kisses, selfies might not be for you. If you want to give away a product from your catalogue, all you have to do is publish a photo of it and tell people to comment on the post and share it on their social media to be entered to win.

Get ideas from Twitter’s weekend hashtag projects.

The Weekend Hashtag Project is an ongoing series of defined themes and hashtags picked by the Instagram Community, and we discussed it in our Ultimate Guide To Build Your Fashion Instagram. The weekly challenge provides a wealth of inspiration thanks to its wide variety of original contest prompts.

3. Third, you should locate the ideal hashtag.

There is a constant influx of new hashtags into use, making it difficult to come up with a really original hashtag. Don’t lose your cool if you don’t want to make any of these hashtag gaffes!

  • Hashtags work best when they’re easy to remember and use, so keep them short. Simple is best; make something memorable.
  • To ensure that participants identify with your business or the contest’s overall topic, choose a hashtag that is pertinent to both.
  • Unique, but I wonder how many Instagram users have already appropriated your tag. More than three means you need to start over. For example, if you were holding an Instagram contest and you called it “#suncream,” it wasn’t precise enough, and you’d end up with photos that had nothing to do with the contest.

4. Choose a suitable reward

It is crucial to provide a reward that is commensurate with the effort put in by the entrants. But, remember that the goal of the Instagram contest is to gain new followers, so make sure that the prize is something that would appeal to your target demographic.

Do not give away a hand mixer if you run a music store, as people will only enter to increase their chances of winning the prize, rather than because they care about what you have to say.

5. Get the word out like wildfire

When the approach is complete, you’ll need to devise a method for getting the word out. You can forget about getting any participants for your Instagram contest unless you spread the word.

Choose a high-quality, attention-grabbing image when posting the promotion image on your channel.

Make sure the following are included in your article as well:

  • Entry requirements for the competition
  • The trending hashtag for your update.
  • The window of opportunity for contest submissions
  • As of when the winner will be revealed

If your Instagram giveaway is going to run for a while, you need to keep it fresh in the minds of your fans. Be sure to post reminders and keep participants updated throughout the term, because not every user will read through your prior postings in search of a contest (unless you’re Ben & Jerry’s and give away free ice-cream).

Last but not least, just because something is occurring on Instagram doesn’t mean it has to stay on Instagram. Spread the word about your giveaway on social media, in a blog post, via Twitter, or with a Hello Bar on your website. Put it out there as far as possible.