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With Today’s Changes, Instagram Has Added A New Layer Of Security.

Instagram has released a new security upgrade, following up on September’s enhancements to profile security. Instagram’s mission is to provide a “safe space for expression.” They’re releasing some new safety measures today.

Instagram’s New Comment Moderation Options for Added Security

Instagram’s primary method of interaction is through comments. While most feedback is constructive, some commenters may be cruel. Prior to this update, Instagram did not have the option to hide comments based on keywords. However, the Instagram security update adds two more elements that will enhance this process.

In a few weeks, a new update will be sent out that will allow users to disable comments on individual posts.

Before publishing, head to “Advanced Settings” and toggle “Turn Off Commenting” to silence the naysayers.

In a second development, users may now “like” remarks by touching the heart icon that appears next to each post.

The option to unfollow users on personal profiles

This is a crucial step in establishing trusting relationships with loved ones with whom one may safely share personal information. There was no easy way to get rid of followers in the past. However, you may now delete followers even if your account is set to private by visiting your profile and pressing theā€¦ menu next to any follower’s name. You may unfollow someone without them knowing it.

Self-Injury Posts May Be Reported Anonymously

Instagram hopes to retain its status as a platform for the sharing of intimate experiences. You may report a friend anonymously if you notice them in distress and think they may be considering self-injury, and Instagram will put them in touch with support groups that can assist them.

Instagram has staff monitoring reports around the clock, every day of the week.

These changes are wonderful for a socially-driven society where meeting people face-to-face might be challenging.

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