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Here Are Four Instagram Strategies For Publicising Your Snapchat

Here at Kicksta, our main priority is to ensure that every one of our readers gets the most out of Instagram. It’s always been like that, and it still is, and it probably always will be for the foreseeable future. But now we’re going to talk about something that takes our Instagram coverage to a whole new level: Snapchat.

It’s almost paradoxical, if you think about it. Yes, Instagram is great for increasing the number of followers on another social media platform as well as being the ideal platform for any business hoping to take use of the marketing potential of social media.

Share a Snap from Your Personal Story

If your Instagram followers aren’t aware that you and your brand are on Snapchat, they can’t follow you there. Instead of directly encouraging your brand’s followers to add you on Snapchat, consider publishing a snapshot of your most recent story on Instagram as a creative spin on the typical promotional material.

But that’s not all; spice things up by previewing your Snapchat content for the rest of the day in your stories. Bring your Instagram content themes over to Snapchat as well if it is part of your plan. While some of your fans might not be interested, your devoted ones will certainly follow you everywhere you go.

Make sure your bio includes your Snapchat username

It seems like a no-brainer. Yes, you guessed correctly. You probably have a reduced version of your featured landing page’s URL in your Instagram bio if you have ever created and launched a special product or service campaign.

A Snapchat handle is not a link, but it does serve as a convenient shorthand for sharing your Snapchat content and interacting with others. Include the fact that the handle is for Snapchat in your bio. You may use the term “Snapchat” written out or a ghost emoji; it’s odd, but your brand advocates will get it.

Make use of your own Snapchat URL.

This method is identical to the preceding ones, with the exception that a Snapchat link is used in place of a handle.

If you visit this link while using a mobile device, you will be sent directly to Snapchat. However, it’s worth noting that Instagram has disabled ‘add me’ deeplinking, so keep that in mind as you go forward. If you choose to employ this strategy, you should shorten your URL with Bitly or another service of its like.

Update your Instagram with regular Snapchat screenshots

Every Instagram user knows how difficult it is to always think of fresh, engaging content to share on the app. Seriously, if you have a long history of doing this and have established a dedicated fanbase as a result, Instagram users will actively avoid your account if you consistently post subpar content.

Cross-promotion of material, while not always optimal, is a fantastic idea in the case of this Instagram/Snapchat tag-team combination. Due to the similarities between Snapchat and Instagram, you may easily share a snap from Snapchat by just taking a screenshot and posting it on Instagram. That definitely counts as a win-win situation. Not too shabby, huh?


The more contact you can have connect with your target audience, the better, even if it is generally agreed that Instagram continues to deliver more widespread value for companies than Snapchat. Accessibility is the key to social success, whether it be through Instagram, Snapchat, or both.

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