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Review The Top Instagram Analytics Platforms

Instagram’s Top 5 Analytics Apps

Every Instagram business account has access to Instagram Insights, a free analytics tool that can be used to gather information from Instagram itself. It’s not as comprehensive or clear as the other tools here, but it’s a good place to start if you’re just getting started with Instagram and need an overview.


One of the most widely used Instagram analytics tools is Iconosquare, and for good reason.

The dashboard is straightforward, with an uncluttered design and several options for tailoring the data visualisations to your specific needs.

Content, interaction, reach, hashtags, story performance, and even profile activity can all be filtered in your statistics. The information you collect about your followers’ actions on your page is rich, accessible, and multifaceted.

Learn Which Instagram Analytics Platform Is Right For You.

You’ll have a hard time deciding on an Instagram analytics tool since there are so many of them, and they’re all excellent.

Yet, there are a few questions you should ask yourself to help you make the best decision possible.

While deciding which analytical tools to include in this roundup, we considered the following factors.

  • Does it aid in data analysis?
  • Is it possible to make reports?
  • Can you tell me what kind of information it contains?

Here’s why you should give these factors some thought before settling on a tool.

Ask yourself if it aids in data analysis.

If you can’t use the information you gain from analytics to expand your Instagram account, then the data and analytics itself are useless. Without being a data analyst or having a firm grasp of the algorithm, it might be helpful to have a tool that assists in putting together a plan based on your statistics.

Although’s data is impressive, it is useless to you if you don’t know how to make use of the tool.

Think about how involved you want to be with data analysis before settling on a technology; if you need assistance formulating a strategy, a tool like Squarelovin can help you do both at once.

Create Reports, Please.

You might not believe it’s necessary to pull reports if all you care about is expanding your Instagram and attracting new followers.

Yet whether you’re a social media management firm, an influencer, or a business owner, you may be tasked with demonstrating to customers which aspects of their accounts are generating the most engagement and which aren’t.

Choose a tool with built-in reporting features if you anticipate the need to share the findings with others. Platforms like Sprout Social have simple and succinct reporting capabilities to help you showcase your statistics.

So, What Kind of Information Does It Have?

An analytics tool’s ability to provide the information you require is perhaps its most crucial feature.

Is research about your rivals something you’re interested in? Want to discover why your previous post went viral but this one didn’t?

Choosing an analytics solution that provides you with the precise information you need to know in order to achieve your objectives is crucial. If your needs can be met by using Instagram Insights alone, there’s no reason to shell out money for a different app.

But, investing in a tool is more prudent if locating top influencers is crucial to the success of your next campaign.


What you decide to do depends entirely on your goals for using Instagram.

Yet, Instagram Insights is a tool that all users should take use of. It’s a potent instrument that you already have in your Instagram app. While that alone can help you acquire some traction on the platform, it won’t be until you pair it with one of the other techniques we’ve discussed here that you’ll be able to experience significant growth and success.

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