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Why (And How) To Utilise Facebook To Market Your Company To Potential Employees

By today, most businesses have a Facebook page and recognise the platform’s potential. Over 2 billion people use it on a monthly basis, making it the most popular social networking platform in the world. As this is the case, it is one of the best methods for promoting your business and fostering relationships with clients.

It’s also a great tool for finding and attracting new employees. Even though they are not currently looking for work, many highly skilled individuals might consider a new position if the pay and benefits were satisfactory. If you already have a Facebook corporate page, you may use that instead of starting a new one, or you can create a page specifically for your employer brand, like Marriott does. The following is an examination of Facebook’s strengths and weaknesses as a tool for employer branding.

Create the ideal job posting here.

Place your help wanted advertising on Facebook. This was once done on a more ad hoc basis, but now there is a dedicated section of your company page where you may post a job opening. It’s not simple to write job advertising that attract the appropriate candidates and do justice to the responsibilities involved.

Job applications should be made easier to complete.

Most job seekers would rather not be required to submit an excessive number of papers or go through a lengthy application process. Posting a job posting on Facebook makes it easier for potential candidates to apply for the position without leaving the site. The majority of Facebook’s visitors utilise their mobile devices to access the site. The application process should be streamlined by eliminating unnecessary questions and eliminating or changing non-essential processes as much as possible.

If you want to increase your candidate pool, you need to figure out where most people give up and optimise that area. Applicants should always be updated on the progress of their submissions, so make sure you react to everyone who contacts you. Doing so on Facebook is simple and will boost your reputation as a professional among potential employers. It’ll make you stand out from the crowd because so many employers just ignore applicants, much to the dismay of those looking for work.

Imagine a story about yourself and write it.

Following the development of a clear vision for your brand and the launch of your company website, you should shift your focus to producing original content for your company’s blog and social media channels. In addition to your main social media accounts, you should also consider posting on other sites if their user base is representative of your target demographic or if the material they specialise in is very relevant to your industry.

Get in front of the correct audience

Under Audience Optimization on Facebook, you’ll find the helpful “Preferred Audience” and “Audience Limitations” tools that let you control who sees your posts based on the demographics you’re targeting. All you have to do to target your audience like you would with paid adverts is turn on the feature.

Participating in industry-specific Facebook groups is another option. When you spark engaging conversations or provide insightful responses to queries, you increase brand awareness and boost your professional reputation. Last but not least, you need to get the correct individuals to share your material. They probably know others who share their interests and requirements but have never heard of your business.

Incorporate Facebook Advertising Into Your Marketing Strategy

Facebook advertisements are a fantastic tool for promoting your business, and there are a plethora of ways you can use them to reach people with a wide range of demographic and interest preferences. You may use them to get more people to interact with a post on your Facebook page, increase awareness of a new product, or advertise a job opening, to name just a few possibilities.

You may easily select a goal and narrow your ad’s focus with the help of Facebook’s on-screen prompts. Make use of a picture, and experiment with several pictures to get the best one. It takes a lot of trial and error to create successful Facebook advertising, so you should experiment with different approaches and permutations until you find what works best.

Get your workers involved.

Most of your staff members probably use Facebook as well.  Employees that successfully recommend new hires to available positions might be rewarded handsomely. Employees who currently work for the company may be very successful brand ambassadors on Facebook because consumers are more likely to take the advice of someone they know and like. To help build your company’s reputation, have your staff post pictures and videos of themselves working.

Using Facebook to build and protect your employer brand is a must in today’s competitive job market. Understand that everything you do on Facebook, for whatever purpose your company uses it, adds to your brand. It’s up to you to take charge and strategically leverage Facebook to boost your company’s reputation as an employer and entice top talent to apply. Whenever someone asks you why they should work for you, you should have a thorough and convincing response ready.

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