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Explainer Videos: Why Your Company Needs Social Media

Social media video marketing may help your business expand in more ways than one in a world where the usage of both video and social media is on the rise. It’s nearly hard to stay relevant without a social media presence in this day and age, since both technology and target your audience are constantly developing and expanding.

Businesses need to be present on the appropriate social media platforms and fluent in the language of the target demographic in order to succeed in the modern digital marketplace. Creating a solid strategy for promoting your videos on social media can set you up for future success.

Let’s start by illuminating all the wonderful advantages that may be gained from constructing a solid social media video marketing plan that works for you before you start spiralling into all the hows of making a tonne of social media videos.

Why Your Company Needs to Use Social Media Video Marketing

Sharing material from social media sites is simple.

People these days can’t get enough of sharing on social media. Videos are the most popular kind of content posted on these sites, according to a recent study. About 92% of mobile users, per Wordstream, will share video material. More than 1,200% more shares will be created by social video than by text and photos put together, the report predicts. Social media videos are being shared at an unprecedented rate, and this phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down.

Video is very popular, and not only are people eager to share it, but they also appear to devour it voraciously. Facebook had a 258% rise in views on branded video content in 2017, while YouTube saw a 99% increase. These kinds of statistics show just how important it is to include social media videos in your marketing strategy.

The use of video in social media is the newest and most exciting trend, and it’s here to stay.

It’s clear that your business can’t afford to ignore the growing importance of social media video marketing as we progress deeper into the digital era.

Social Media Today predicts that by 2020, consumer internet traffic will be almost entirely made up of online videos. Additionally, daily video views on Facebook average around 8 billion (or 100 million hours). Sixty percent of marketers said they used videos in their social media marketing campaigns in 2016, proving that video marketing on social media is at the forefront of reaching the right audiences and opening up vast growth and retention opportunities you never had before.

With these impressive metrics and the success rate continuing to rise, including social videos into your internet marketing strategy is the best, most cutting-edge option available.

The Benefits of Promoting Your Videos on Social Media

Now that you know why it’s important to include social media videos in your marketing strategy, you’re probably wondering how you can do it without breaking the bank.

This is where advertising agency Promo comes in. A simple and straightforward video making service, it offers your company the best available video and audio. Since the more films there are, the better the results will be in the long run, there are a number of plans and packages that provide you the freedom to make and upload movies on a regular basis.

We have a broad variety of Collection videos that include footage, music, and text; all you need to do is add your logo, and you’ll have fantastic social media videos.

Your firm may stand out from the crowd, get loyal consumers, and build a name for itself that will be remembered for years to come with the help of promotional films and an honest investment in social media video marketing.

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