4 Ways To Re-share Instagram Stories, Feed Posts, IGTV Videos, and Reels

Are you interested in reposting and resharing your Instagram content? Are you looking for a simple way to reshare Instagram posts without relying on third-party tools? You’ll learn about in-app tools that enable you to reshare Instagram posts, stories, IGTV, & reels in this article.

4 Ways to Re-share Your Instagram stories, Feeds, IGTV, and Reels

1. Reshare Instagram Feed Posts

It’s simple to share feeds and posts to the stories on Instagram. Tap on the feed post—yours or someone else’s—and select Add Post to The Story from the pop-up menu. While you share an Instagram post to the story, the initial post picture gets imported, and the picture becomes clickable, redirecting viewers to the original post. As with any narrative, you may use drawings, stickers, or words to bring attention to the postings and encourage readers to click.

Sharing feed posts to the story is an excellent method to draw attention to that content with the audience, especially if your stories have more views than your feed posts. Additionally, it is beneficial for resurfacing evergreen material for your audience.

The option to add posts from other accounts’ Instagram feeds to your story is ideal for collaboration, marketing collaborations, and sharing valuable ideas and information with your audience.

Along with sharing feed posts to the story, you may also send any feed post (along with any story or IGTV video) via a direct message chat. It might be an individual DM or a community DM in which you participate.

To send feed posts to a DM, click on the paper airplane symbol next to the post & select the person or group you want to send it to. It will take you directly to their direct message thread or create a new one. At this moment, you are free to modify your message or continue the conversation in any way you choose.

#2: Share Instagram Stories with others

You may only reshare another user’s story with Instagram stories if you got tagged in the original post. You’ll receive a notification in the direct messages whenever someone mentions you in their tale. You may share your tale from there—or directly from the narrative itself.

After selecting this option, the story post will show in your story builder, where you may pinch & zoom to resize or relocate it. Additionally, you may include stickers, drawings, and text just like you would with any other tale.

#3: Share an IGTV video

You may post IGTV videos to your story and feed on Instagram. When uploading an IGTV video, you may choose to provide a preview in the feed & stories. If you post a teaser to the feed, your profile & your followers’ feeds will display a 15-second sample of the IGTV video.

After the 15-second teaser, viewers get invited to see the remainder of the video on Instagram TV through a Keep Watching bar. Similarly, if you post an IGTV video clip to your story, a teaser of the video, as well as a link to the Instagram TV video, would show in your narrative, directing visitors to IGTV to see the entire video. Besides this, you can also buy IGTV likes for your videos to maximize the engagement level and build visibility to your videos.

#4: Re-share Instagram Reels

When it comes to sharing Instagram Reels, you may do so by viewing the full-view reel & pressing on the paper aircraft icon. You may post the reel to your feed or a DM using the pop-up option. Instagram reels are a perfect way to grab the audience, so do not hesitate to get Instagram reels likes for your reels to get instant engagement.


One of the features that users like the most on social networking platforms are the opportunity to share and repost other people’s material and postings, yet sharing and reposting has always been difficult on Instagram. To summarise, here are how you might share Instagram feed posts, stories, reels, & IGTV videos.

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