Friday fun with Cake in a Mug

My weekdays at school are always so busy. I talked to my English teacher Friday afternoon, global burden of disease asking if I could come in Monday afternoon for some help on my essay (due Tuesday). I told him that I was sorry it was last minute but I had been busy or sick everyday after school. He said that was fine and to just rest this weekend.

I tried to hold back my chuckle.

I don’t think I was successful.

Weekends restful? I don’t remember last time my weekends were restful. That’s not to say that they’re bad, phimosis they’re just really busy.

So I thought I’d share my weekend with you :) I know you were all extremely curious. I’ll start with telling you about Friday!
My mom, sister, and I left right after I got home from school and headed to my piano lesson and my middle sister Celina’s acting class. My piano lesson was good, I really love my teacher. The only issue is that I never have any time to practice, causing me to not improve much every week on my songs. I don’t want to let my teacher down and I really love piano. I’m going to try to do better, but I’m also trying not to put too much pressure on myself either!

After our lessons, we made a pit-stop at Chick-fil-a. Ahh…the one fast food place I actually like. I hardly ever eat it but I always love it when I do. I had chicken nuggets with the waffle fries and their special Chick-fil-a sauce. Celina and I enjoyed out dinner at my grandparents house, where we were spending the night. My mom went back home and Celina and I hung out, just the two of us, as our grandparents weren’t going to be home for a couple of hours. We watched lots of Gilmore Girls episodes (love!). After a little while, we decided we needed something delicious to eat and attempted to make cake in a mug.

Cake in a mug is cake cooked in the microwave in a mug (cool huh?) I understand being skeptical that chocolate cake that has been microwaved would taste good and, after trying 3 different recipes for mug cake and having 2 failed attempts, trust me when I say I totally get it. But I made it the other night at home and it was so tasty! But the recipe I had used before used nutella and my grandparents didn’t have that. In fact, my grandparents don’t bake at all and didn’t have ingredients that I consider basic (like cocoa powder, milk, butter, granulated sugar) but they do have plenty of wheat germ, cheese slices, and crackers (note to self- don’t ever have this healthy of a pantry). So Celina and I looked up nutella-free versions of mug cake and improvised!

We tried out 2 different recipes and neither turned out good. I don’t know if it was the recipe’s fault, or the fact that we used hot cocoa powder for cocoa powder and fat free half and half for milk ;)

This was #1. The texture was a little eh, but the taste was fine. We weren’t satisfied with that one so we decided to try out another recipe.

This is what attempt #2 looked like when it was cooking. It kept rising up and down in a column. Haha it was pretty hilarious.

Attempt #2 had the texture of spongy rubber. It was one big cement rubber column. Bleh.

So we returned to number one, doused it with chocolate chips and whipped cream, and ate it!

Celina and I had a lot of fun making these, even though neither turned out great, but I wanted to make the good mug cake I made earlier this week again so she could see what they should taste like (and I could eat it again!).

So we made the nutella mug cake tonight and it turned out great again! The first time I made it, it overflowed out of the cup and even with all the cake I lost, I still couldn’t finish it! So we made one batch and split it into two cups. Now I’m not one who has trouble finishing off chocolate anything, but even this halved version was really rich! So if you want a TON of chocolaty goodness, use a huge mug and eat all this yourself :) Medium amount, split it into 2 mugs. Small amount? 3 mugs!

This is seriously good chocolate cake. It’s gooey and rich and delicious. I topped it with tons of whipped cream, but ice cream would be great too with this.

Don’t be scared of the microwave, just make this! It’s so easy and wonderful and tasty!

Nutella Mug Cake

Recipe from Live Love Pasta :)

4 tablespoons self-rising flour**
4 tablespoons sugar
1 egg
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
3 tablespoons Nutella
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons vegetable oil


  1. Combine all ingredients in a medium mixing bowl. Whisk super well with a fork until really smooth. Pour into one, two, or three chocolate mugs (depending on how big your servings are going to be). Just remember that one serving needs a really huge mug.
  2. If making one serving, microwave for 1 1/2 minutes (time will vary for every microwave). If making two servings, microwave for a minute and 10 seconds. I haven’t made it with 3 servings but I’m guessing that it’d be about 55 seconds-1 minute.
  3. Top with chocolate chips, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, or all 3 ;)

Makes 1 large serving, 2 medium ones, 3 small ones

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