My Week in Instagram #3 – Summer Edition

The first two weeks of my summer have been wonderful! The last day of school, malady my family and I went to Sweet Cece’s for our traditional end-of-school-ice-cream and I finally figured out why I love Sweet Cece’s more than any other ice cream shop. It’s because it’s much easier for me to make choices there! They only have 8 flavors at a time, no rx and if I can’t decide, information pills I can have more than one flavor! And I can put my own toppings on the ice cream and it’s all very low-stress.

My family went hiking last week and then went and got ice cream and that ice cream place had like 30 different flavors and mix-ins and options and it was all way too stressful. Don’t judge me….it’s just hard for me to make decisions! ;)

My family and I went bowling. I started out pretty strong and then went downhill. But my youngest sister, Ella (who is 6 years old), scored higher than everyone except my dad. She broke a score of 100! And she could barely even lift the bowling ball. What the heck???

So I can’t believe that I haven’t told you that we have a new kitty! Her name is Penny and she is tiny, cute, and such a trouble-maker. That’s her sitting on my shoulder. She hung out there a lot and slept on my shoulder the first day we had her.

See, I told you she was a trouble-maker! At dinner, she wouldn’t stop attacking our feet so she had to go in her kennel. Well it’s Fenway’s kennel…but now they have to share it ;)

This is how she fell asleep the other night. How is this comfortable??? It was really cute, though :)

Mmm fruit! I’ve been eating summer fruit a lot, especially watermelon- my family can go through a watermelon a day :)

So that’s been my summer, if you add in a whole lot of photography and photo editing! What’s the best part of your summer so far?

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