The Important Things

It’s been about a week since I got back from Haiti. Just one week. I’ve been busy; the day after I got back my family headed out on our family road trip to Maine. I’ve been working on editing the 1000 pictures I took in Haiti. And I’ve tried to blog about it. I have a saved draft on this blog right now describing how it is I ended up going to Haiti, ailment the people I went with, treatment the flights to Port-au-Prince, and the incredibly eventful bus ride to St. Louis du Nord where Northwest Haiti Christian Mission is located. But I haven’t been motivated to finish that post. My words just weren’t coming out right. I wasn’t sure what was going on, why I didn’t want to work on blogging my trip. But I realized this morning that I didn’t need to detail my trip day by day and that maybe instead of focusing on details that didn’t matter (the misery of the bus trip), I could just say “the first day was overwhelming but God brought me through.” Because that is so incredibly true. And God bringing me through a tremendous amount of challenges is one of the most important things that happened on the trip, something that deserves being focused on. I’m not going to write about every crazy thing that happened but I am going to try to convey the important parts of the trip, the things that God taught me, and how it changed me. Because posting pictures of this:

is pointless. It doesn’t tell the story of my journey. It doesn’t tell you about how I deeply love Haiti and the people there. It doesn’t tell you why, if someone asked me right now, I would return in a heartbeat. The story of the picture above is an interesting one and, if you ask me sometime, I’ll tell you about it. But first I want to tell you about the things that matter. Like this:

Because that picture tells you something. That boy matters. And deserves being talked about.

So over the next few weeks I’m going to try to share my experiences. I have a feeling my words won’t do Haiti justice. But I will try. And I will try to focus on the important things. Sorting through my pictures, stories, and life to find the things that truly matter.

Like the fact that God brought me through. And has done it every day of my life so far. And continues to do so every single day, without fail.

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