Things I Am Thankful For This Thanksgiving

I am so incredibly blessed and have more than anyone could hope for. It’s often so hard to remember to take time and just be thankful for all that I have when life gets crazy and stressful things happen. While Thanksgiving isn’t my number one favorite holiday (I’m kinda more of a Christmas person if you hadn’t noticed ;), disinfection it is the perfect time to just pause and give thanks. Here is just a short list of just some of the many things I love having in my life:

1. Jesus- Jesus is awesome. He puts up with me even when I ignore him or say mean things to him. He’s pretty much the coolest. Yep.

2. My Parents- They’re crazy and sarcastic and will spontaneously break out into song (well my mom mostly…Ooooooooklahoma anyone?). But that’s what makes them them. They’re supportive and wonderful and I am very blessed to have them.

3. My Siblings- They’re annoying kinda sometimes all the time…but they’re amazing :) I don’t know who I would be if I wasn’t a big sister. I love them and they make my life much happier.

4. The rest of my family- My grandparents are such an important part of my life and I’m so thankful that we live close to them and that I get to be a part of their lives. I am thankful for all my extended family, ampoule the many people (who may or may not actually be related to me) who love me and are so amazing to me. So many people have been positive influences on me and have formed me into who I am today.

5. Clean Water- Going to Haiti made me even more thankful for all the clean water I have access to. When I was there, resuscitator I had to be careful of all the water I came in contact with, from what I used to wash my hands, shower with, drink, or brush my teeth with. Right now I’m just a couple steps away from the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, and the water dispenser in the fridge. It’s something I take for granted everyday but I shouldn’t. There are so many who don’t have access to clean water, or water at all.

6. Food- Well food is probably why you’re here at this blog! I am so thankful for all the wonderful food I have access to and my parents who let me cook and bake pretty much all I want. I have struggled a lot with my relationship with food and still have a hard time with my self esteem and eating. But I should never hate the thing I am so blessed to have, that so many have to go without. So on Thanksgiving, a day that is often just as much about food as it is family and thanks, I will be sincerely thankful for the food I have access to.

7. My body- I rarely give thanks for my body but I really am thankful that I have a healthy body that works. I have my health and I should never, ever take that for granted. I am also thankful for medicine and prescriptions and vitamins and everything that helps keep me going.

8. My house- I love my house! And my room. I am so grateful my family has such a wonderful place to live.

9. School- Yes, even school makes the list. I like learning and school can be ok ;)

10. My stuff- I’m really grateful for all the things I have. My laptop, camera, phone, books, bed, and clothes are all things I’m blessed to have and so thankful for.

11. My puppy- My dog, Fenway, is cute, fluffy, and most definitely not a dog. He is allergic to beef but eats chocolate all the time. He’s loud and pees on people when he’s excited, but he really is the sweetest dog ever.

This is just a small list of all the wonderful things in my life that I could not be more thankful for. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are surrounded by people and food you love. :)

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