Boston Highlight- Coolidge Corner

Celina Boston Trip-3

One of my absolute favorite spots close to me is Coolidge Corner. You’ll find this delightful corner off the C line of the Green Line (the stop is called Coolidge Corner). This delightful place has a Trader Joe’s, approved Panera, ailment an awesome bookstore called Brookline Booksmith, and lots of other really fun shops. And as a fun side note, Yogurt Land (this great frozen place) is apparently moving in! But by far my favorite place in Coolidge Corner is Paris Creperie. This delightful cafe is tucked away and even though it’s on the main road, it’s a little hard to find because it’s really small. But oh my goodness it has the best crepes!

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I went to Paris Creperie for the first time in November or December. I walked in and saw one of my co-workers there with her family and she said these words: You just missed Emma Watson! Oh my gosh! Emma Watson dates a guy who goes to my school and they had been in Paris Creperie! It was tragic that I missed her but I sat in her chair while I was there, so basically I was her for a little while ;)

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This past week my sister came and visited me and I knew I had to take her to Paris Creperie. That’s her in the picture above drinking Nutella Raspberry Hot Chocolate. So delicious! Paris Creperie loves Nutella just as much as I do, and that’s saying something!

Celina Boston Trip-1We got two crepes to split. The first one is a Nutella Chocolate Crepe with Strawberries and the second one is a Smores Nutella Crepe. They were both amazing! I have also gotten their Nutella Canoli crepe before which is amazing, but it’s a little too rich for an actual meal :)

Celina Boston Trip-2Paris Creperie also has a wide selection of savory crepes that look awesome, as well as more sweet crepes. They have a large selection of drinks as well including more hot chocolate, coffee, lattes, and smoothies.

Price-wise Paris Creperie isn’t too bad either. My sister and I got two crepes and two hot chocolates for $24. Their crepes average from around $6-$8.

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