My Favorite Apps and iPod Product Review

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I mentioned in this post that for Christmas this year I got the new iPod and I LOVE it! Oh my goodness it’s so awesome. It does pretty much everything the iPhone does, check except it doesn’t have 3G, meaning I have to have it on a wireless network to access the internet. To me, that drawback is worth not having to pay $30/month extra on the phone bill :) So what can my iPod do? Well let me tell you! These are the built-in apps it has:

-Face Time– This is really fun because while I’m walking around the college campus, I can talk to my dad who has an iPhone!

-Calendar– This calendar syncs with the one on my laptop. I love it- it’s simple and helps me keep track of my life.

-Weather– I have to check the weather when I’m getting dressed in the morning when I’m at college because it may look sunny outside, but I would have no idea that it’s negative 13 degrees without checking the weather! Here’s a lovely illustration: (and fyi, that’s 5 degrees without windchill).

photo-Notes– Always useful!

-Mail- Get it connected with your email account and be able to check it every second of the day. Not that I do that.

-Maps– This isn’t going to be very helpful for me because even though I constantly get lost, I can’t look up directions without wireless.

Plus it’s super cute and snazzy :) It comes with several more built-in apps but these are the ones I use most often!

Now here’s my favorite part…all the extra apps I downloaded and use! Woohoo!


-Collect- This is definitely one of my favorite apps- it is helping me keep track of my Project 365! Collect is basically a calendar with each month of the year, and on each day you can put your picture of the day! It also has a place for you to write about your day, which means I get a place to keep a mini journal about each day, which not only helps me remember but is something that I can include in the scrapbook I make with all my Project 365 photos at the end of the year :)

photo (1)

-Snapchat– I still don’t fully understand the concept of snapchat, but I have it and it’s fun! You take a photo (generally a photo of yourself making an awkward face) and set a time (up t0 10 seconds) and send the photo to your friends! This is an example of something I could snapchat…but if I were doing it for real, I would have been making a weird face ;)

photo (6)

-Instagram- This is pretty much the #1 reason I wanted an iPhone/iPod. Oh. My. Gosh. I love instagram! I take photos all the time and instagram makes them look all fun and cool. I’ve found that the best thing to do is take a photo through the normal camera and then instagram it. Here’s the instagram I took of my Valentine’s day package from my family :)

photo (3)

Other Photo Apps: Frame Swagg (has different templates to make collages with your photos), Travelgram (puts the time, date, and location on your photos), and Squaready (helps you instagram photos by allowing you to add a border to your photos that don’t work well in the square crop). This collage is one I made with Frame Swagg. After you finish your collage, you can save the picture to your camera roll, upload it to facebook & twitter, or pull it up in instagram.


-Duolingo- This app has activities and vocabulary to learn for different languages. I used it to practice my spanish!

-Twitter– I’ve gotten back into tweeting! Follow me @justeverydayme

-Facebook– Of course I have to have the facebook app! It’s pretty good- it’s easy to comment, like, share photos, etc.

-Google– So Siri is fun and all, but she usually can’t answer my questions. So the Google app is basically just Google, but you can verbally ask it things and it will give you an answer based on search results. It works really well! And for those of you who want to know, Google says that brunch is 10am.

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-Spotify– I love spotify! I’m thinking about actually paying for Premium ($9-10/month) because that would mean that I could get any song I want, ad-free, anytime I want. So cool!

-Shazam– Is there a song playing that you like but don’t know the title of? Shazam will listen to the song and tell you what it is! It works great, although I have found that it often doesn’t know Christian songs. And I tried singing to it and it didn’t know what I was singing. Lame. But this is still a cool app :)

photo (9)

-Pinterest- Woohoo! I can pin things on the go! Side note: this pin is SO true.

photo (5)

-Apps gone free- This app comes out with a new list every day about apps that have recently become free. I’ve gotten some really fun apps using this.

photo (4)

-PaperlessLite- This app is great for To-Do lists! It helps me organize my life which I absolutely love! I can create To-Do lists for separate days, or I can make a “To buy at the store” list…pretty much whatever I want!

photo (8)And, the nerd in me rejoices for the next one! Easy Bib! This app lets you scan the barcode straight off the book you need to cite and it creates the citation!

photo (10)

My favorite games are: Tetris, SongPop Free (this is a facebook game and the app is great!), Siege Hero (similar to Angry Birds) and Flow Free (my whole family has become obsessed with this one.

Another awesome thing I can do is mobile banking! I can even deposit checks which is super convenient. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you should see if your bank has a mobile baking app!

Whew! So there it is :) My most favoritest apps. So what do you think? Did some of your favorites make the list? What are some of your favorite apps that aren’t on this list?

Have a great week!

Dreamy Apple Pie

Yesterday was an interesting day! I had gotten very little sleep and so I was pretty much a zombie at school. A sleepy zombie. I slept through physics and art history (to be fair, there we were watching a movie in art history…about buildings and stuff. I was not the only one who fell asleep). In English we started reading The Dollhouse and I knew I would sleep through it if I was just listening, anabolics so I volunteered for a speaking part. I still managed to almost nod-off between lines. I knew I had to do something about this sleepy-ness-nonsense so I took a legit nap in study hall. I was fine for the rest of the day, just super hyper in my delirious sleep-deprived state. Only 8 more days of school before I am out for Christmas!!!

Yesterday evening, I had my interview with a Brown alumni (alumna? alum? alumnaei?) at Starbucks. Many schools allow you to arrange interviews with alumn…uhh people who graduated from that school in the hopes that they’ll get a better sense of who you are. The woman I met with was very nice and we had a very laid-back conversation. She told me a little about her experience at Brown it made me want to go there even more! I should be hearing if I’ve been accepted in just over two weeks which is pretty nerve-wracking. I want to go so bad but I know that if I don’t get in, I’ll go somewhere else and it’ll be great. But I still wanna get in. A lot. As I was driving home, I had to get on the interstate. The sign said that the entrance was in the right lane. So I moved all the way over. To my left. It took me several minutes before I realized that I was on the left instead of right. The girl who just had her Brown interview can’t tell her left from right. Yeah..I’m pretty special.

I’m still not done sharing my Thanksgiving recipes! I’ve already shared the appetizers I made (Hot Spinach dip and Pumpkin pie dip) and I shared the Marshmallow pie I made, but I just had to share this apple pie. I didn’t actually make this pie, my mom did, but it is one of my favoritest pies. I love apple pies in general, but this one is extra special tasty.

So I don’t really like this picture of the apple pie slice. It really just doesn’t do the pie justice. For all you food bloggers out there, do you still post pictures of food even though they’re not your best? Do you try to retake them? Do you just not post that recipe at all? I try to take good pictures, but I’m still learning about food photography so not all the photos I take turn out good. And it can also be hard because a lot of the baking I do is at night where I don’t have pretty natural lighting. I usually try to wait to take the picture the next day, but then I can’t take step by step photos or a picture of the finished product before people eat it. I appreciate all of you guys who have come to my blog and leave comments. It makes me super happy! And any feedback or advice about the photographs (or writing) would be very appreciated :)

I hope you’re able to make this pie sometime soon because it truly is AMAZING! It’s a Pioneer Woman recipe (which explains it’s delicious-ness) so I’m just going to link to her website. My mom follows Pioneer Woman’s recipe, she just left the pecans out of the topping. Either way it’s delicious!

Dreamy Apple Pie

Top it with whipped cream, ice cream, or Pioneer Woman’s hard sauce, or all three! ;)

Enjoy :)

Apple Snack Sandwiches

If it’s not Christmas soon, melanoma I’m going to lose it.

You think I’m kidding.

But I have 2 pieces of not terrible news.

1. Brown Eyed Baker posted about this 30 days of gratitude project and I’m totally going to do it! I was wanting to blog about things I’m thankful for but I just haven’t been consistent since I’ve been busy and such. The idea is to take a picture everyday of something you’re thankful for, and there are suggestions for each day. I’m starting tomorrow so I’ll be doing this into December. But I can still be thankful in December, right? ;)

2. I made these apple snack sandwiches to share with you! I saw them on Live Love Pasta the other day. I thought it was such a neat idea and a super easy snack. I was looking around at Live Love Pasta and there are some great recipes there! I have a ton bookmarked that I want to make soon.

I made these apple sandwiches with peanut butter, raisins, and chocolate chips. I liked the peanut butter and chocolate chip version the best! But the raisins were good, too, and probably healthier…although chocolate is good for the soul! Or so I hear :)

I hope you are all having wonderful weeks and that, even if they’re busy, you’re finding time to relax and be thankful. I am thankful that I have access to fresh food everyday at my house and that I don’t have to worry about going hungry. It’s something we all take for granted, but there are so many people in this world who don’t have food to eat and I need to be better about being thankful that I do.

Apple Snack Sandwiches


1 apple

Peanut Butter (or nutella would be tasty too!)

Chocolate chips or raisins


  1. Slice and apple…umm circle way. Haha you want to cut the top off so you’re making circles. I was able to get 5 circle slices out of my apple but only used 4 of them.
  2. Spread peanut butter on one side of your apple slice.
  3. Sprinkle it with raisins, chocolate chips, or whatever else you want.
  4. Put the other apple slice on top and enjoy!
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