Sing Your Heart Out

Yesterday I went to the fair’s singing competition, rehabilitation Sing Your Heart Out, because my sister was singing! She’s such an amazing singer. There were some super talented kids there. There was a grade school, middle school, and high school division. It was a rather…long night. (Hem hem for next year you should have separate nights for each division).

My sister sang Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis and just nailed it! There were a lot of other girls from her singing classes there (J. Kelley Studio) and they all did incredible. At the end of the night, the results were presented. Aaaand my sister didn’t win. But she really should have. She at least should have placed (and I’m not saying that just because I’m biased. I’m really not!). The judging was totally crazy…the high school division wasn’t judged right at all either. We were all shocked with the results. It was all very disappointing. The awards ($500 and $1000) were given out really awkwardly, too. The judges (crazy people) didn’t say anything at all, the M-C’s presented them without any sort of fanfare…I mean really! It was strange. So many of the girls were upset about the results (they had a right to be). Oh well…I guess that’s just how it goes. To make my sister feel better (for not winning) and my mom, youngest sister, and me feel better (for sitting there for 5 hours) we ate funnel cake. It was delicious!

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