Project 365- Week One {2013}

Are you guys used to writing 2013 yet? I, salve for sure, viagra dosage am not. Where did this past year go? I have had a great year! Here are some highlights:

– I turned 18


– Graduated high school

– Went to Maine for vacation with my family

road trip

– Did a bunch of amazing photo sessions including shooting my first weddings

– Went skydiving


– Started college

– Celebrated another great Christmas

christmas tree 1

And lots more!

For Christmas this year I got the new iPod touch, which I’m super excited about because I can now take my own Instagram photos all the time (before I had to borrow my dad’s iPhone). I have decided to do a Project 365 with Instagram photos- I think it will be an awesome way to document my year and I’m really excited about it!

For my Project 365, I am using Instagram to take the photo and am using an app called Collect to keep track of all the photos. The Collect app is great because it will send you a reminder to take your photo, you have a calendar of the month and you put the photo in each day (which looks cool) and you can add a description that details whatever you did that day. Super fun! I’m not doing a themed Project 365, I’m just taking a photo that describes part of the day. Here are my photos from this week, and follow me at amiliaphotography :)

1.1.13- Sleeping Fenway Family Photo Shoot Christmas Lights Photo Session with my Sister The Loveless Cafe


1.6.13- Sisters


Stay tuned for more Project 365 posts in the following weeks :) And for some tasty recipes!

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