Petit Amuse | Product Review

A few weeks ago, buy I was contacted by the founder of Petit Amuse, a San Francisco based company that “helps food lovers discover delicious artisan treats made by small, specialty producers across the country, and even the globe.  For only $10/mo. customers can subscribe to receive a different box of 3-4 samples of specialty foods each month.”

So if you sign up for the low price of $10/month, you get a box of really neat food each month! I was sent a sample box of some of Petit Amuse’s products to review. I thought this was such a neat and fun idea and I’m excited to give my review today! I love getting fun packages, so imagine getting something like this every month.

Side note: the first thing I thought of when I heard of this company was this scene from Friends when Monica is serving little appetizers (petit amuse or amuse bouche, as she calls them) and Chandler says “this amuse bouche is amusing!” or something like that. ;)

The first thing I tried were these cookies. I didn’t think they were going to be that good (I like my cookies big, soft, and chewy). But they were both incredibly good! The one on the left is a spicy, chocolate cookie. I loved the deep chocolate flavor, and there really was a spicy aftertaste.  The one on the right is a rosemary cookie with sea salt. My mom and I both thought the taste was so familiar- it reminded me of an Indian dessert I have had before. Both of the cookies were big hits with me and my mom. I would definitely buy these off Petit Amuse’s website.

The next thing I tried was this Garukabar. It’s hand made with real Vermont honey and has peanuts and dried cranberries in it. My parents and I both really liked this bar. It was chewy, not hard and crunchy like a lot of granola bars, which we liked. I could see this being great as a quick breakfast or a hiking food.

Petit Amuse has quite a few interesting popcorn flavors that they send out. I didn’t think I would like it very much because I prefer my popcorn sweet instead of savory. But this was actually pretty good! If you’re into more savory flavors, I think you would love this popcorn.

Check out the experimental macro photo! I might post a tutorial of how to take macro photos like this without a macro lens.

And we’re back to normal! This last item I found really strange. I didn’t know what Wine Jelly was. My parents and I all tried it- it was not my thing at all, and my dad said he thought it tasted like bleach. But my mom really liked it! I think this is something you would put on crackers with cheese.

I liked almost all of the items I got in my Petit Amuse box, but the best part was trying out some new things I never would have gotten to taste if not for this great opportunity! For only $10/month, you can get unique, fun food items delivered to your door. This would actually make a really fun gift to someone for their birthday or Christmas! I’d love to know if you check out the company or order a sample box- I’m excited to check out more of their food items on their Marketplace!

*I was given a Petit Amuse sample box free of charge for this review, but my opinions are my own*

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