Just a normal day at 14,500 feet!

Yep, sickness you read that right! I went skydiving the other day with my dad! I still can’t believe that I jumped out of a plane. I had wanted to go skydiving for years, so that’s what I got for my 18th birthday!

This was me getting all strapped in to the harness. I did a tandem jump, so that guy getting me strapped in is the guy I jumped with.

I was pretty freaked out at this point as he was walking me through the whole jump.

The scariest part of the entire experience was just waiting- there was about a 4 hour wait until we jumped and then the ride up in the plane takes about 15 minutes. Once I was out of the plane, I wasn’t scared one bit!

There’s my dad! He used to skydive all the time and has over 200 jumps, but he hadn’t gone in about 16 years.

Here’s the plane parking lot. We didn’t jump out of that yellow plane, ours was a little bigger to fit the 10 people jumping.

The free fall was incredible- it feels like you’re just floating in the air! I liked the parachute ride, too. My instructor made us spin around which was really fun :)

This was an absolutely incredible experience! I would recommend it to anyone. Even though I had wanted to do it for years, I was really terrified when the day came to actually do it, but I’m so glad I did it even though I was scared.

I hope you are all doing well and having all sorts of adventures this summer!


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