I have been rather MIA from the blog the past two weeks, sildenafil but I’ve been really sick :( On Monday I suddenly got a horrible stomach virus at school and spent the rest of the week curled up in bed feeling miserable. I’m doing a lot better, in fact yesterday I was feeling great, but this morning I woke up with an upset stomach again. I am just ready to feel better!

Yesterday I worked on disinfecting my room by washing all my clothes, sheets, and blankets. As I was lying in bed last night, surrounded by clean-smelling blankets, I thought of when I was in Haiti and we sent our laundry out to be cleaned by some Haitian women. We put our gross, dirty clothes in garbage bags with our names on it and brought it down to a man who picked up the bags one by one and told us how much it would cost by how heavy it felt, generally around $5. When we got out clothes back, they were incredibly clean, cleaner than they ever would have been if we had thrown them in a washing machine. We were so impressed that these women had gotten all sorts of dirt and stain out of clothes simply by using homemade soap, washing them in the river, and drying them on rocks.

Sometimes when I think about my time in Haiti, I can’t believe that I actually went there and experienced what I did. It’s a different world, one I found myself longing for last night. It’s a simpler world. One filled with a lot of difficulty and obstacles, of course. But also one where I felt at peace with myself, with my world, with God.

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