La Sardina

Last week I had my first piano lesson. I was waiting for it to start so I picked up the Architectural Digest in the waiting room. I read about Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s house which was quite spectacular. Then I flipped to a part about film cameras. It showed several but one really caught my eye- it was a fisheye lomo camera. I wrote down the website and looked it up when I got home.

I was opened to the whole new world of lomography. It’s this whole community that’s devoted to film photography with lomo cameras! What is lomography? Check is out! So I was browsing the website and came across some really cute cameras that takes pretty awesome pictures. I registered for an account so I join the world of lomography and received Piggy Points. Apparently they equal money off for lomo products!

I was thinking that I might want to buy a lomo camera in the future but…impulse and common sense told me otherwise. You know the piggy points I mentioned? Well they gave me $20 off! Also, visit this site lomography is running a promo with free shipping. Ahh! So I could either buy this lovely La Sardina camera for $68 later, sildenafil when I have more money in my bank account and have thought about it more, human enhancement or I could buy it now, after having thought about it for a day but save $28!

I got this camera for $39. I was so excited! It arrived yesterday and I immediately took pictures of it. Haha. What’s so special about this camera? Well it takes lomo pictures, is small and compact, uses 35mm film, and has a super wide angle lens. It also has the ability to take multiple exposures, meaning that you can take 2 different pictures on the same frame and see what kind of crazy effect happens. Oh it also has a bulb setting and 3 different levels of flash strength.

And check it out! It’s designed to look like a sardine can. Ironic, since I hate seafood. BUT I love the ocean and the nautical colors.

I’m just going to ignore this squid thing on the back. Hehe :) So I’ve been researching film and I’m amazed at this whole world I’m missing out on. I’ve taken film photography before, with my mom’s Nikon, and worked in the dark room at my school, but I haven’t really experimented with types of film. I’ve found a type of color film that I think would be great, I just need to save up to buy some.

So here’s my cute little camera :) Just thought I’d share.

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