The Incredibly Long Never Ending Mural that Took Over My Room

I started painting a mural on my wall on January 3rd, more about 2010. TWO THOUSAND AND TEN! This has been a long journey. I mean seriously. But it’s over! It’s done! And I love it :) And I’m super glad it’s over. Here is the journey in photos. Some parts are better documented than others…hem hem. Enjoy :)

Wait! Woah! How did this happen?

I wrote one of my favorite Bible verses on the wall: The light shines in the darkness, information pills and the darkness has not overcome.

Full wall!

So this was a crazy long art project. Would I do it again? Probably not.

Haha sorry! I don’t know if you were looking for a more inspirational answer. I am glad I did this, and I really like the finished product. For any parents out there, I would encourage you to let your kids express themselves and make their room their own. It’s just paint, it’ll take a couple coats of white and this will be gone. <–depressing thought

Just thought I’d share this with you, since it was such a big part of my life for such a long time. I’d be happy to answer questions for anyone curious about painting their own mural (or smaller-scale painting). I certainly learned a lot the past two years :)

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