Gingerbread houses, Christmas Eve, and a Wonderful Christmas

Did you have a good Christmas? I really hope you did! Mine was awesome :) I got some amazing presents but the best part was spending time with my wonderful family. And the food was pretty tasty, disease too.

On Christmas Eve day, asthma we decorated gingerbread houses.

My sisters!

Look what daddy did!

On the left is my snowy cabin (my family kept calling me an icing hog. It’s just very snowy). On the right is my mom’s house which turned out great, epidemic especially since her house was missing parts and she used graham crackers for the roof.

Here is Celina’s very artistic house.

And this is Ella and Daddy’s house. Last year my dog, Fenway, ate a gingebread house. I mean the entire thing was gone. This year we made sure to keep them where he couldn’t get them :) He did unwrap a present, though. It was reece’s pieces. But he didn’t eat any of them which is odd…

On Christmas Eve, we went to our grandparents for dinner and to open presents.

Celina got a recording system so she can sing and record songs in her room (she’s a really talented singer. Check out her singing here).

Daddy stole Ella’s skittles.

And what did I get? A Canon 5D! I was so thrilled. This was the camera I was dreaming of owning and I was really hoping that I would get a new camera before going to college. I am so thankful and happy!

We got home and left some cookies for Santa. Yes, that horse is headless…do you have a problem with that???

Christmas Eve was great, and Christmas day was wonderful as well :) After waiting for my littlest sister to wake up (we ended up getting her up at 8:45), we all went downstairs to open presents. We always do our stockings first.

We get fun little things in our stockings. I got sparkly nailpolish, mechanical pencils, dove chocolate, and the traditional silly putty and socks! Ahh socks…. :) We then opened our presents!

Ella loved her silly putty!

Celina was really excited to get two Big Bang Theory shirts!

Ella was super happy to get this piggy bank. Celina is trying stop her from breaking it…or maybe she just wanted a piggy bank, too ;)

My mom loooooves laffy taffy.

This is me making cinnamon rolls for our Christmas breakfast. Look! I’m wearing my new apron from Celina! You may recognize it from this post where I listed a whole bunch of Christmas gift ideas. I not only got this apron but a decorating kit, too! My mom said my list was very helpful ;)

Celina got a Chi and then insisted on straightening my hair. My hair is ridiculously long when it’s straight!

That’s my dog, Fenway, and my grandpa. Fenway was very excited about the two toys he got for Christmas, but the best present of all was getting to snuggle with my grandpa. It was the best day of his life.

I am so thankful for all that I have. This past year has been difficult and wonderful all in one, and I’m expecting this coming year to be one of my best ones yet :)

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