Daniel Fast Foods

So I’ve written here before about my experience with the Daniel Fast and have posted Daniel Fast recipes. A lot of people find me on Google by searching “Can I eat ____ on the Daniel Fast, recipe ” so I thought I’d put together a post specifically answering those questions.

First of all, what is the purpose of any spiritual fast? It is to set aside a period of time to draw closer to God by giving up a lot of the foods you generally eat. The Daniel Fast is based on when Daniel ate only vegetables and water (Daniel 10:3), and can last for however long you want it to (traditionally it lasts for 21 days). I have done it for 2 weeks, a month, and 3 weeks.

So what do you eat on the Daniel Fast? Essentially just plant-based foods and you only drink water. This includes fresh fruits and veggies, canned fruits and veggies (as long as there is no added sugar, etc), nuts, seeds, and non-processed whole grains, like those found in triscuts. It is important to read ingredient labels while on the fast. Added sugar, corn syrup, etc. are all no-nos. Here is a good site that further explores what you can eat on the fast.

So here are some foods people have been wondering about:

Can I have tortilla chips on the Daniel Fast?

This is up to you. I have done the fast both including and excluding tortilla chips. There are tortilla chips that are just made of yellow corn and salt, both of which are ingredients that are ok on the fast. However, you’re technically not supposed to have fried foods. So this one is up to you.

Can I eat Nutella on the Daniel Fast?

Ummm no. Nutella is definitely a no. You can eat peanut butter (as long as the only ingredients in the peanut butter are peanuts and salt).

Daniel Fast Dessert Recipes/Daniel Fast Cookie Recipes:

The Daniel Fast is supposed to be more of a cleanse when you eat really simple foods. I don’t know of any desserts that you can make from fruits and veggies (besides just eating fruit).

Smoothies that are good for the Daniel Fast:

Here’s my recipe for a Daniel Fast Smoothie :)

Can I eat pretzels on the Daniel Fast?

Nope, sorry! You can’t have any yeast, shortening, butter, or most of the other ingredients.

Daniel Fast Peach Cobbler

You can each slices of peaches and umm..triscuts?

Are tomatoes on the Daniel Fast?

Yep! Any fruits or veggies :)

Can I eat Taco Bell on the Daniel Fast?

Afraid not! No meat, fried stuff, cheese, sour cream. So I suppose you could ask for some lettuce…

Is almond milk ok on the Daniel Fast?

Yep! As long as it’s the plain, unsweetened kind, not the vanilla or dark chocolate kind.

Muffins and the Daniel Fast:

Muffins tend to have butter, flour, sugar, and a lot of other things not on the fast. I’d be seriously impressed if you came up with muffins that were on the fast.

Can you have rotel on the Daniel Fast?

I believe so, just check to make sure that there’s no added sugar.

Daniel Fast brownies:

I’m afraid such a thing does not exist!

My Daniel Fast Recipes:

Daniel Fast Chile

Daniel Fast Lettuce Wraps

Daniel Fast Smoothies

Daniel Fast Taco Salad

Daniel Fast Vegetable Soup

Potato Wedges and Veggies <-My favorite

If you are interested in doing the Daniel Fast, feel free to contact me and ask me about my experiences (I’ve done the fast 3 times now).

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