Daniel Fast Chile

Here was my thought process: it doesn’t really matter if you use real beef or not in chile because it should taste pretty much the same, surgeon right? WRONG. My mom’s chile is one of my all-time favorite foods…it’s so delicious and actually very simple to make. It has beef, viagra sale spicy v8 juice, apoplexy pumpkin*, and spices.

*I don’t know why everyone freaks out about the pumpkin. Gah! Pumpkin in chile??? The horror! So now we just don’t tell people that there’s pumpkin in the chile. And everybody eats it. And loves it. And never suspects.

I made this Daniel Fast approved by using veggie crumble instead of beef. Now this chile certainly didn’t taste horrible but it just didn’t live up to my mom’s. It could have been because she doesn’t have a written recipe for her chile so I could have estimated different ratios that affected the flavor. Or the fact that I used fake meat. Or both. Also, when I usually eat chile, I put in tons of cheese and eat it with corn bread. Mmm corn bread…Neither of which I could have with this. I ate it with corn chips and it was pretty good…just had an interesting flavor to it.

Now that I’ve given this glowing reviews, I’m sure you’re dying to make it! Mainly I’m just posting this to give ideas for people who are going to go on the fast.

Looks life beef right? Oh how deceiving…

Yes I realize that this picture is very unattractive. I forgot to take the picture until I was like halfway done with eating it and then I didn’t really put any effort into making it look nice. But chile isn’t supposed to be pretty, right?


2/3 bottle of spicy V8 juce

2/3ish can pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling!)

1 package (12 oz) veggie crumble

Spices such as oregano, cumin, chile powder. (Use however much you want of each…experiment!)


Brown the crumble in a pan. Add all the ingredients to a big pot and let it cook for a while..I started mine in the morning and ate it for dinner. That’s just so the spices and everything can meld together.

Eat with tortilla chips.

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