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Just a normal day at 14,500 feet!

Yep, sickness you read that right! I went skydiving the other day with my dad! I still can’t believe that I jumped out of a plane. I had wanted to go skydiving for years, so that’s what I got for my 18th birthday!

This was me getting all strapped in to the harness. I did a tandem jump, so that guy getting me strapped in is the guy I jumped with.

I was pretty freaked out at this point as he was walking me through the whole jump.

The scariest part of the entire experience was just waiting- there was about a 4 hour wait until we jumped and then the ride up in the plane takes about 15 minutes. Once I was out of the plane, I wasn’t scared one bit!

There’s my dad! He used to skydive all the time and has over 200 jumps, but he hadn’t gone in about 16 years.

Here’s the plane parking lot. We didn’t jump out of that yellow plane, ours was a little bigger to fit the 10 people jumping.

The free fall was incredible- it feels like you’re just floating in the air! I liked the parachute ride, too. My instructor made us spin around which was really fun :)

This was an absolutely incredible experience! I would recommend it to anyone. Even though I had wanted to do it for years, I was really terrified when the day came to actually do it, but I’m so glad I did it even though I was scared.

I hope you are all doing well and having all sorts of adventures this summer!


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My 18th Birthday

It seems like it has been a really long time since I posted! Things are crazy right now (16 more days of school until graduation!) and I’m trying to get through this last push until summer. Last week I turned 18 which was pretty exciting :) On my birthday, steroids I came downstairs and saw a little box from my mom. In it was this adorable little bird necklace! I have been wanting this necklace for close to a year and was so suprised when I saw it because I didn’t know anyone knew I wanted it! But apparently I shared the necklace on this Christmas post with gift ideas (I’ve now gotten three things off of that list…I didn’t intend it as hints to my family but it certainly worked out!). My mom took me out to breakfast at Starbucks and then drove me to school.

When I got home from school, recipe I saw these flowers from my Aunt. They were really pretty and the vase was super cute.

My youngest sister wanted us to take a picture together because the two of us were wearing matching dresses :)

For dinner, case I requested that we go out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. I’d never been before, but it sounded like it’d be really good and it totally was!

For dinner, my sister and I split a mac and cheese hamburger and ohmygosh it was good! It’s a hamburger topped with fried mac and cheese. I totally want to make them at home! Of course we had to order dessert and the cheesecake was the best I’ve ever had. We ordered three different kinds.

The Original: My sister and I teased our mom for wanting the original because it’s not as exciting as their other varieties, but it was seriously tasty. The filling was perfectly creamy and the “sour cream” top layer gave it a nice tang.

Tuxedo: This was a chocolate cheesecake layer topped by a vanilla layer topped by ganache. It was really good and looked super pretty!

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle: Wow. Smooth chocolate cheesecake with pieces of raspberry and raspberry flavoring mixed in. Absolutely incredible.

So which was my favorite? It’s hard to choose but I would have to say the Chocolate Raspberry followed by the Original and then the Tuxedo. I would have to say that the Cheesecake Factory is definitely my new favorite restaurant!

There’s all of us at dinner :)

I had a really great time on my birthday and am looking forward to a lot of things coming up this year!

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My Week in Instagram 1

Ok I am so hooked on Instagram. You. Have. No. Idea. Unfortunately, purchase I don’t have an iPhone. Sad face :( But my dad does, and I borrow his as much as I can to snap Instagram shots :) This week I have been on Spring Break which is wonderful! Here are some things that are happening in my life:

This is my puppy (well he’s middle-aged in dog years but still acts like a puppy), Fenway. Isn’t he cuuuutte? He’s so sweet.

I have been wanting to get business cards for my photography business, and several bloggers have recommended Moo.com, so I decided to check it out. I love them already and I haven’t gotten my business cards yet! They will send you 10 business cards, that you designed yourself, for free. For free people! I love anything that’s free! They will also send you generic sample packs of all their products (business cards, postcards, mini-cards, stickers) for free. Free! I love all their products and am so pumped to see my cards.

I stained a piece of wood for backgrounds for food photos. I got this square piece of wood at Lowe’s for like $5 or something and bought some dark stain. I was kinda scared to stain it, but it was super easy and turned out pretty good. Except the picture is blurry.

I went out and finally used the Williams-Sonoma giftcard I won way back when and bought a Silpat! Apparently these are incredible and food doesn’t stick to them at all. I feel like I could spend all day in Williams-Sonoma…ahhh :)

We had friends in town and went to the Pancake Pantry one morning for breakfast. I love this place! These are the Sweet Potato Pancakes and they are super delicious :) If you are ever in Nashville, you have to eat at the Pancake Pantry!

And then tonight I had the greatest time with my middle sister. We went to see the Hunger Games (ahhh! so good!) and then out to eat. That pretty much wraps up my spring break :) Looking forward to Easter tomorrow and hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with your loved ones!

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