Weekend Recap and WIAW

*Oops! I published this post with the name of the post I’m writing for tomorrow! I changed it but sorry if you got confused!*

I never finished telling you about my weekend! I have to tell you about Saturday because it was very exciting.

Celina and I had just spent the night at my grandparents house. We got up in the morning and ate breakfast at Steak n’ Shake…I had some pretty yummy chocolate pancakes and then felt soooo full. After breakfast we went to Goodwill and got tons of Christmas decorations! Celina and I just went crazy- they had so many amazing decorations there. We’re going to set up a little Christmas village with some adorable houses on one side and a little train that will lead you to the North Pole where Santa will be standing next to some houses that look like gingerbread. It’s going to be awesome! I also got a little snowman mug to drink my hot chocolate out of and to use as a prop for some of my upcoming baking (you’ll see him tomorrow :).

After the very exciting Goodwill trip, approved we went to Plato’s Closet and Celina got several shirts and I got a really cute winter jacket. Later that afternoon, ed I went out with my friend Jesse and took her senior pictures. It was really fun and I love how the pictures turned out. I’m not done editing them yet but I think she’ll like them :)

Sunday I went to church and then stayed after service to do my cleaning job which took like 3 hours. I’m really thankful for this job, but it’s hard work. After that I took photos for my photography class and then collapsed on the couch.

I don’t have a recipe to post today (I’ll have one tomorrow) but I decided to share What I Ate Wednesday. Excuse the bad quality of the picture (they were taken with my phone and I do not have a nifty iPhone) and the lack of pictures (I kept forgetting to take pics of what I was eating…oopsy).


For breakfast I had Raisin Bran with Almond milk. I made the switch to almond milk a little while ago, and while I don’t think I’ll ever be able to drink it plain, I really don’t mind having it in my cereal.


I had a Chewy bar in Art History and then in English my tummy started hurting really bad so I had some water and a couple of apple slices. (I didn’t take this picture, by the way)


I had the rest of my apple slices for lunch and half a ham and cheese sandwich (not pictured)


Well this is oatmeal but it looks pretty..unappetizing. It was good, though! It was so gross and cold outside that I really wanted something warm when I got home. It’s maple and brown sugar oatmeal with a little bit of cinnamon sugar and half and half.


Hem forgot to take a picture of this, too. I have leftovers so if I wasn’t so lazy, I could go to the kitchen and take a pic of that. But I don’t really feel like getting up right now…I’m in a really comfy spot on the couch with my pjs and sweatshirt on. Anyways, dinner was a chicken quesadilla courtesy of Moe’s! I love Moe’s..it’s one of my favorite Mexican places and they definitely have my favorite quesadillas. It had cheese, chicken, lettuce, tomato, and peppers on it. Mmm! I had half of that and a bunch of chips and queso.

So today was pretty fun…one and a half more days before Thanksgiving break! I need a break soso bad. Well I’ll see you guys tomorrow when I post some really pretty pictures featuring a snowman, train, and cookies :)

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College Craziness

I’ve been working really hard on college applications so I thought I would share a little bit about the college tours I went on this summer!

My grandparents and I stayed in Boston for a couple of days this summer and looked at colleges. We all had a really good time having this mini vacation together. The first school we saw was Boston College (photo above). The school is a Jesuit school and the focus on spirituality and wanting the students there to grow spiritually and intellectually really appealed to me. The campus was really nice and the architecture was beautiful.

I think this building is the art building…it’s nice looking anyways!

The second college we looked at was Tufts. Tufts has some pretty neat programs, pharmacist had a nice campus, ascariasis and is only 15 minutes away from downtown Boston (huge plus in my book!) I felt it lacked the same feel as Boston College, though. I’m not sure I’m going to apply there (I better figure out soon!)

Tuft’s mascot is an elephant. Umm win.

You can see the Boston skyline from campus which is really cool. I <3 Boston.

The final college we saw was Brown. I love Brown. It’s my first choice. They have no set curriculum, allowing students to choose exactly what classes they want to take. They also have a partnership with RISD so I could take photography classes there which would be really awesome!

This modern looking building is the brand new art building. Drool.

I really liked Brown’s campus. It definitely has the campus feel while still being a part of Providence, which is a pretty neat city! I’m applying early to Brown (meaning I’ll know in December if I’m in or not and if I’m in, I have to go there). Their application is loooong. Not only do I have to fill out the entire Common Ap (which has one essay), but they have a supplementary application with like 6 short answer questions and another essay. I’ve been really lucky with all the help I’ve received while working on my application. A teacher at my grandma’s school helped me with formatting my resume, my mom and grandma both helped me on the essays, and my teachers have written really nice letters of recommendation. Tonight I wrote my final essay! I’m going to have several people look at it and critique it but after that I’ll be ready to send in my application!

The last thing I have to do is decide on what portfolio pieces I am going to send in. Brown allows you to choose 10 pieces of artwork to send in for them to look at and I decided to send 10 of my photographs. I went to National Portfolio Day at Watkins College of Art in Nashville today. A ton of art schools were there and they reviewed your portfolios. I met with 4 different schools (I was there the entire time..from 12 to 4. And I was standing the whole time. My back hurt so bad!) and they gave me ok feedback. The School of Art Institute of Chicago didn’t give me any feedback at all which was annoying. I met with an art school from Oregon and that guy was at least somewhat helpful. The woman from Watkins was mildly insulting. And then lastly I met with a guy from Washington University in St. Louis. He was really nice and encouraging while still being constructive. I think I’ll probably apply there. So overall, I’m happy I went for the experience but was disappointed with the lack of constructive criticism. I would have loved to have been told specific things I could work on or change in my photographs…oh well! On Tuesday I’m meeting with the art teachers at Ensworth so they can help me. I think they’ll be able to give me much better feedback and help me out more. So hopefully by Wednesday I’ll know exactly what pictures I want to send, get them printed at school, and mail them off! I never though I’d be finished with this application!

The last couple of weeks at school were really stressful because the end of the quarter was nearing- I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get everything done. Somehow, I managed. This is our fall break right now (meaning we have Monday and Tuesday off…woohoo!). The next week is going to be really busy as well but hopefully things will start to slow down, at least a little bit.

I’ve been putting a lot of time into this blog. I probably don’t have the time to be doing that…I should be focusing on schoolwork and such…but this blog is one of the only things in my life now that isn’t stressful so it’s definitely a nice outlet to have. I’m really excited about the 12 weeks of Christmas Cookie Recipe thing I joined…I’ve been trying to decide what cookies to share this week! I’ve been too busy to make dinner lately but I have a lot of ideas that I want to try as soon as I get the chance.

So I’ll leave you with one final picture :)

While my grandparents and I were in Boston, we ate at the North End. We went to Mike’s Pastries and got canolies after dinner. Oh my goodness they were so good! You have to go to Mike’s if you’re in Boston- they have every kind of canoli you could imagine plus a ton of other pastries and gellato. Yummy yummy goodness! Maybe I’ll make canolies one of these days :)

Have a great week!

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Daniel Fast Vegetable Soup

I hope you guys are all doing well! I have had an absolutely crazy, erectile hectic week and this weekend is going to be even busier! I have a photo shoot set for tomorrow (SOSO excited!) and Celina has a singing showcase. Sunday we’re playing worship at church and then I’m going to do do several of my photo concentration pictures done! My concentration for my photography class is “self portraits.” So obviously I’m going to be in every picture but I am also using them as a commentary on social issues.

I’ve been working on my college application. I have one more month before it needs to be done. It’s stressful and I’m just ready for it to be over. I am so exausted right now…

So here’s a Daniel fast recipe for you, lovely reader! One of my favorite things I made while on the Daniel Fast was soup. I made several different kinds and they were all delicious! It was a great comfort food for when I wasn’t feeling very good. I don’t actually have any pictures of the soup I made…I always forgot to take one and I doubt it would have looked very delicious anyway. But here’s how I made it:

1 carton of Vegetable Stock

2 chopped potatoes or sweet potatoes

2-3 chopped carrots

1 can of rotel (tomatoes with green chiles)

1/2 cup frozen corn

That’s it! Just dump it all in a pot, add any spices you want (salt, pepper, cajun spices ;) And cook it until the potatoes and carrots are soft, 10-15 minutes.

Another kind of soup I made was sweet potato and quinoa. For this one, I put 1/2 cup of already cooked quinoa along with 1 chopped sweet potato in a smallish pot. I then added 1/2 cup of veggie crumble and some chopped bell peppers. I then added enough vegetable stock to cover all the ingredients, plus a little extra (like how precise this is?). And then I just cooked it until the potatoes were soft. This was so easy to make but beware that the quinoa, even though it’s already cooked, will expand more and take away all the liquids. My soup ended up not being soup as a…thick stew? I don’t know how to word that…there wasn’t much broth anyways. But it was really good!

Sorry these directions are vague but I would encourage you to try different soups if you’re on the fast- it’s easy and a nice break from grapes and carrots and triscuits.

Have a fantabulous weekend!

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I have nothing to talk about but Christmas!

So I haven’t posted in a while…and I don’t know that I have anything interesting to post.

I really only have one more day on my Daniel Fast and I’ve hardly posted any of the recipes I’ve made or talked about the fast at all! I’ll do that in the next couple of days.

I’ve been so busy and sick. The past 3 weeks have been pretty miserable. I dealt with a week of migraines, prescription then a week of a bad cold, and then yesterday my tummy started to not feel good. I spent all today on the couch feeling miserable. Yep…feel sorry for me ;) What else have I been up to the past couple of weeks?

  • I accidentally used wax paper instead of parchment paper. Even though they look similar, they don’t yield similar results. Just trust me on that one.
  • I got an account on Pinterest and spent a lot of today “pinning” Christmas pictures.
  • I counted down the days until Christmas (106) and started planning all my crafts and baking!
  • I wrote essays and did math problems and took pictures and did portfolio entries and wrote more papers and read a lot poems and short stories and books.
  • I cleaned my room and then it got messy again.

Yeah..it hasn’t been that exciting. So I’ll talk about something that is a little bit more exciting: baking! I have a lot of things I want to try to:

  • Find the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. I have a lot of different ones to try and I am determined to find the best one! I think I’ll do this over a weekend and have a big taste testing party!
  • Make bread. And bagels. And tortillas. These are 3 things I LOVE to eat but have never made. I think it’d be kinda tricky but I wanna try!
  • I don’t like peanut butter cookies. Yeah I know…I love peanut butter soso much but I’ve never had a peanut butter cookie I was crazy about. I want to try out some peanut butter cookie recipes and perhaps make my own to see if I can find one that I like!
  • Make more fall-type recipes like pumpkin muffins….mmm :)

And so much more! So yeah that’s pretty much all I have to say for now. Sorry if it wasn’t very interesting.

Here’s a picture of Christmas tree…are you as excited about Christmas as I am???

Probably not…that’d be really difficult to top :D

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I really truly had one of the greatest summers ever and I am so grateful for everything I got to do and experience. Even after I got home and wasn’t doing anything, health I enjoyed just relaxing. I didn’t really want school to start because a lot of times it can be not so enjoyable and stressful. But school started again…as it does every year. And, prostate you know what? It’s gone pretty well so far! For the first year in a long time, men’s health I don’t have a teacher that I sense is going to be bad- so far I like all of them!

It doesn’t really feel like school has started yet. This weekend feels like it’s just part of my summer vacation :) Thursday was my first day and it was a half day. After school, Celina and I went out and got pedicures! A pedicure was my birthday present for her (in June) but because summer was so busy, it hadn’t happened yet. We decided to do it for the start of school! It was a lot of fun and I love how my toenails turned out. Oh if anyone in the Spring Hill area needs/wants a place to get their nails done, I would totally recommend Luxy Salon in the Crossings. I’ve been there twice now and they’re always really nice and do a great job!

See my super awesome tan line on my feet? I know you’re jealous.

So that night, my family went to the fair! It was so much fun :) I had been planning on going to the fair just to take pictures and eat food. And that I did! I also caught part of a very interesting hypnotist show!

Mmm…funnel cake :) So tasty!

To see all my fair pictures go to http://www.amiliaphotography.com/?p=766 :)

Friday was our first full day of school…and it went well too :) Some things aren’t great yet…I don’t know where to sit in some of my classes and I don’t feel motivated to do any homework..but I’m hoping everything will start feeling more normal soon. Friday evening I returned to the fair with my friends and rode some rides! That was pretty awesome too :) Oh and I had a deep fried oreo which was super yummy!

Then on Saturday I baked banana bread and went and saw The Help at the movies. So yeah…still feels like I’m doing things in summer mode! Even as this year gets going and school becomes more hectic, I’m hoping to maintain a positive attitude. I would love it if I liked my senior year!

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