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My Week in Instagram {Back to College Edition}

You read it right! After 3 glorious, healthful wonderful weeks of vacation, diabetes and pregnancy I went back to school. I had such a wonderful time with my family- celebrating Christmas, New Years, doing several photo sessions, and watching countless movies :) It was a low-key but really relaxing break and I loved it. It was hard to go back to school- even though I LOVE college, I still have that sinking “don’t-want-to-go-back-to-school” feeling. The first week back was a little hard- I was so tired every day! But I really like my schedule for this semester- it allows me to have more free time during the day because I now work mornings or evenings, instead of the middle of the day. My classes aren’t as exciting as last semester, but I’m still enjoying them and am taking every opportunity to embrace all the amazing opportunities I have every day here! I have more hope for this semester, this year of my life, than I have had in a very long time..perhaps more hope and freedom than I have had in my entire life. The Lord has been so good to me and I am living in His joy and freedom daily!

After that long intro, here are some photos from the week and a half I have been back on campus :)

1.13.13– On my flight back home! Because of my new, nifty iPod touch, I got to take all sorts of instagram photos from the plane. People must have thought that I was flying for the first time by the way that I was plastered to the window, taking tons of photos :)


1.14.13– First day of classes! This is me standing in an insanely long line at the bookstore, buying some very expensive books :)


1.15.13– This is my work! I love working here (except for at 8am ;)


1.16.13- This amazing thing happened- a magical place called The Chocolate Bar opened here at college. Oh my goodness. I went for the first time, did some studying, and enjoyed some hot chocolate and hazelnut gelato!


1.17.13– I think I go to the prettiest college in the world, especially when it snows :)


1.18.13– This is my favorite college meal! It’s a simple sandwich- brie, lettuce, and tomato. But the bread is AMAZING! I get this for lunch almost every day. Froggy! This is my favorite stuffed animal :) Today was a bit of a rough day, just frustrating, but as I was trying to get through my psych reading, Froggy cheered me up by checking out the frogs on the textbook ;)– Late Night Prayer! I love this group of people from my church. We get together Sunday nights to pray for our campus. These lovely girls are amazing! We are in a discipleship group together and we got together to eat ice cream in crazy cold weather! This is my roommate and me! We went to the Chocolate Bar and got gelato. Faithgroup! Love getting together with these girls Wednesday nights :) This is a photo of the temperature (it was negative 14 with wind chill), me with FROZEN hair from going to get my laundry from my dorm room, the laundry room, and my Honors class!


So there you have it! More about my weeks back at school than you wanted to know! Let me know how your weeks have been :)

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Project 365- Week One {2013}

Are you guys used to writing 2013 yet? I, salve for sure, viagra dosage am not. Where did this past year go? I have had a great year! Here are some highlights:

– I turned 18


– Graduated high school

– Went to Maine for vacation with my family

road trip

– Did a bunch of amazing photo sessions including shooting my first weddings

– Went skydiving


– Started college

– Celebrated another great Christmas

christmas tree 1

And lots more!

For Christmas this year I got the new iPod touch, which I’m super excited about because I can now take my own Instagram photos all the time (before I had to borrow my dad’s iPhone). I have decided to do a Project 365 with Instagram photos- I think it will be an awesome way to document my year and I’m really excited about it!

For my Project 365, I am using Instagram to take the photo and am using an app called Collect to keep track of all the photos. The Collect app is great because it will send you a reminder to take your photo, you have a calendar of the month and you put the photo in each day (which looks cool) and you can add a description that details whatever you did that day. Super fun! I’m not doing a themed Project 365, I’m just taking a photo that describes part of the day. Here are my photos from this week, and follow me at amiliaphotography :)

1.1.13- Sleeping Fenway Family Photo Shoot Christmas Lights Photo Session with my Sister The Loveless Cafe


1.6.13- Sisters


Stay tuned for more Project 365 posts in the following weeks :) And for some tasty recipes!

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